Providing free education on the legal and practical issues to help you navigate health care.

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Triage Health provides free education on the legal and practical issues related to navigating a chronic or serious medical condition.

What's Legal About Health?

There is a lot that is legal about health care.

From whether or not a treatment is approved, to whether or not an insurance company must cover that treatment, to whether or not you can take time off work to get that treatment and not lose your job. All of these things are legal issues, even if we don’t think about them as legal issues in the moment.

Laws can protect people from discrimination, provide access to insurance coverage, create government benefits, or provide funding for screening, treatment, and research.

Triage Health is a program of Triage Cancer. In developing education on these topics for the cancer community, we realized that everyone could benefit from this information.

Many of these topics are things that we should have been taught in high school, but weren’t. Like how to pick a health insurance plan, manage medical bills, or complete an advance directive.

That is why we are launching Triage Health.

Simple Steps To Get Educated

Read These Quick Guides

Short, practical, and printable! Our Quick Guides, Checklists, and other materials break down complex topics like insurance into easy-to-understand terms.

Attend These Webinars

Our educational webinar series discusses legal and practical issues, including insurance, work, managing finances, housing, education, caregiving, and more. Webinars are open to everyone.

Watch These Videos

Watch these short animated videos with practical information about health insurance, managing medical bills, work, estate planning, and much more.