Providing free education on the legal and practical issues to help you navigate health care.

Animated Videos

Triage Health's animated videos provide a unique, brief way to learn legal and practical information about health insurance, managing medical bills, employment, clinical trials, estate planning and medical decision making, and much more. Each video is about five minutes long.

These animated videos are are helpful to anyone with a serious medical condition, anyone who cares for someone with a medical condition, or anyone who wants to learn about their rights.

Please note, we frequently add new videos to our library that you may find helpful, so please check back.

Estate Planning

Our Planning Ahead Animated Video Series explains how to document your deeply held wishes, practical matters that often fall through the cracks, and financial and medical decision-making.

For more information about estate planning and medical decision-making, visit our Estate Planning Resource Hub. These videos are sponsored by Eisai.