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Other Health-Related Legal Issues

We often get asked, “what's legal about health care?” The answer may surprise you, because health-related legal issues include health insurance, your rights at work, disability insurance, finances, estate planning and medical decision making, and more. Each of these topics is rooted in the law, and having a basic understanding could mean keeping your health insurance, your job, your home, and avoiding the financial burden of a serious medical diagnosis.

Quick Guides, Checklists, & Other Materials

Individuals diagnosed with a chronic or serious medical condition and their caregivers may face a number of legal and practical issues in areas like housing, education, genetics, fertility preservation, and medical marijuana, among other topics. We also have dedicated information for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans. These materials present information in a brief, easy-to-digest, printable format to take some of the stress out of navigating these issues. If you are looking for more comprehensive information, see our Practical Guides to Cancer Rights.

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Podcast & Webinars

In terms you can understand, the How to Triage Cancer Podcast introduces you to cancer-related legal issues. Best part? No podcast subscription required! If you are looking for a comprehensive explanation of cancer-related legal issues, then webinars are for you.

Finances is designed to help guide you through some of the cancer-related legal issues that may impact your financial situation. Whether you are newly diagnosed or many years past active treatment, this site can help. By answering a few questions, the tool will guide you to the information most relevant to you.