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Quick Guides, Checklists, & Other Materials

Triage Health's free Quick Guides, Checklists, Worksheets, and other materials offer legal and practical education about health insurance, finances and financial toxicity, cancer and work, disability insurance, estate planning and medical decision making, and much more. These materials are helpful to anyone with a chronic illness or serious medical condition, or anyone who wants to learn about their rights.

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Our flyers are particularly useful if you are a health care professional, or individual interested in sharing information about Triage Health with your community. Download or print our Webinar, Conference, and Insurance & Finance Intensive flyers with the schedule of our upcoming events; postcards for and our animated videos; and more.

Practical Guides

Triage Health's comprehensive Practical Guides introduce you to the health care rights law topics that most people encounter in some way after a medical diagnosis. Health care rights laws include a number of separate areas of law, including employment, insurance, government benefits, consumer rights, and estate planning.

Disability Insurance

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or serious medical condition and are undergoing treatment, you may find that you are no longer able to work and earn a living the same way that you were before your diagnosis. These Quick Guides will explain the different kinds of disability insurance, when benefits will start, tips for applying and appealing denials of coverage, and things to consider when you are getting disability benefits. 

Estate Planning

These Quick Guides and Checklists will help you understand and complete the legal documents that can make up an estate plan, including wills, trusts, advance health care directives, and powers of attorney for financial affairs. 


Health care is expensive. These materials will teach you about avoiding financial toxicity, managing debt, paying for prescriptions, finding financial help, and more. 

Health Insurance

Understanding how to choose and use your health insurance is important to access care and manage your finances, especially after being diagnosed with a serious medical condition. These Quick Guides, Checklists, and Worksheets, will get you started on the right path! 


These free materials will teach you about the different parts of Medicare, how to pay for it, how to pick a plan that best meets your needs, enrollment periods, and more! 

Work & Illness

Wondering how to work through treatment or take time off and pay for it? How to navigate the workplace after a chronic illness or serious medical diagnosis, or what you have to tell an employer about your medical condition? Are you a caregiver? These Quick Guides and Checklists will teach you about the laws designed to protect you, and how to use them most effectively. 

Other Health-Related Legal Topics

Individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness or serious medical condition and their caregivers may face a number of legal and practical issues in areas like housing, education, genetics, fertility preservation, and medical marijuana, among other topics. We also have dedicated information for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans.